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3 weeks in America, and they're already over. It was good to see everyone. As I predicted, most of my days were spent sewing and playing video games with the sis, but I'm still really glad I got to spend that time with my friends and family, lazing about and eating American food. I'm also really glad to be back in Tokyo now. Three and a half days here in Japan and I've already got a shit ton to post about! :D And thanks to jet lag, I have the perfect 5am opportunity to do it! :D

The plane ride was not fun since I didn't have any friends or random strangers to talk to for the full 14+ hours, but Paula was awesome enough to come and meet me at the airport and help me carry my bags across Tokyo in the rain. We immediately went and sang an hour and a half of karaoke, and have been going every day since then too. She was going into withdrawal almost as much as I was. XD; After that was CoCo's Curry with the addition of Peter. Made him the happiest person around by passing along some canned squeeze cheese from America~. That night we watched both episodes of Puni Puni Poemy for the sake of staying together and completing something. Now we just gotta watch it again with English commentary. >X3!

The next day was Saturday, and Paula took me to movie theater to see the film of a play called Arashi ni Naru made Matte. Now when I say movie of a play, I mean that there was a stage production which they filmed and then added background music and fade in/outs etc to make it look like an actual movie. And honestly, if I hadn't known beforehand, I might not have realized that the recording was of a stage, it was that well done, the sound was that good, and the mics and audience were that well hidden. The only actor that I knew of beforehand was Tuti, but everyone did a really good job and I absolutely loved the plot and the acting. And then what was really amazing, the lead actress and the guy who acted as narrator and comic relief were sitting right behind us in the theater!!! When the show was done they stood up and went to the front to answer to some comments. they even let us take pictures of the actors, so I have that on my phone~. It was really neat, and I might have to buy the movie when/if it comes out while I'm here. ♥

I spent that night at Paula's place, then on Sunday we went out to Tokyo Big Sight for an art event called Geisei. It was basically a sort of exhibition and competition for budding, young artists in Japan to share their work and be critiqued. It was really interesting to walk around the booths and see everything from calligraphy to metalwork to anime fanart to impressionistic sculpture sets with the artists dressed up and acting as the centerpieces. But honestly, the purpose of the event came a pleasant surprise to us, because our whole reason for going was 1:00 center-stage. KENN and Fujiwara Keiji!!!! (that's Kazu of Air Gear/Myu and Hughes of FMA, for the uninformed)....along with two other guys who I didn't recognize beforehand, but their names are Maeno Tomoaki and Okamoto Nobuhiko (who it seems I actually do know from Potemayo!!! :o ♥) They are all voice actors in a couple of dating sims which are soon to be released, so the MC asked them questions like how they would like to have someone's love confessed to them. XDD!

KENN still needs to eat a sandwich, but he was great, and he and Maeno Tomoaki seemed to be buddies...that or they were bonding on stage over the fact that the Japanese fangirls in the audience would scream and squeal every time they did something so small as to scratch their noses. Nobuhiko was the most adorable thing ever, and I will totally be his fan from now on, he was so absent-minded and cute! When the MC asked everyone how they liked voicing for a dating sim, he started to answer, forgot the question and asked for it to be repeated, then answered that he's always wanted to ride in a giant robot, so playing a character that did so was like a dream come true. XD ♥ He's such a innocent little romantic~. Fujiwara Keiji was....not so excited to be there. Seems like he felt as though he'd sold out by being in a dating sim, but nonetheless, he was entertaining to hear from. I mean, he's the goddamn Fujiwara Keiji!! He congratulated Nobuhiko on achieving his dream of riding in a robot. XDD; So yeah. A lot more was said, but this entry is already really long, so comment if you want to know more~.

Monday was much less eventful. Just watched the first Airmyu backstage and sang a couple hours of karaoke. I could have gone to a mouse-eared musical with Daiki (*pnish*) and Yuya Miyashita (RUN&GUN and Airmyu's Puck) in it, but I wasn't willing to spend the money. I mean, I just paid for my tickets to the Burimyu Film Fest (where I'll get to see Tatsuya, Osamu-chan, Naoya, Nagayan, and Eiki omfg yes!!) and need to pay for Reverse Historica (*pnish* production). I am not feeling very rich right now. XD;; From what I hear it was entertaining, so that's good, but I don't feel too much of a loss.

Sometime this week I should be marathoning anime. Really want to watch more of the Shibatora drama. I'll be going to an amusement park at the base of Mount Fuji on White Day(?). Aaaannnnnndd I really need to make a cosplay post, an art dump post, and a fanfic post (omg fanfiction from Rachel?!?!).


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